Introduction to 3D:

After reviewing the overview “Positives of Building a Don’t Drive Distracted Program” you are ready to take action!

Action steps to take in your community/school/peer group

Let’s review a daily routine with some action steps you can take yourself and inspire others to initiate that can encourage change and increase the chance of building a successful StopWrex project.

Simple changes in the day-to-day life of your peers can maximize their safety measures and minimize distractions. First, they can leave for their destination with plenty of time. We know that it is difficult to get up in the morning for school, but by slightly changing your routine and leaving at 7:20 instead of 7:25, you can give yourself a few extra minutes to safely drive the speed limit, find a parking spot, and still make it in time for class.

Having parents play a part in this as well, like not getting angry at their children for being late, can help the situation. Otherwise, you might find that your kids will speed down the road, breaking the speed laws and putting their safety at risk, just to get to homeroom or their first period on time. Even though you might get written up for being late, it is worth it to arrive safely. 

Food Behind the Wheel

Furthermore, on the same note, we know that it is difficult to eat breakfast before leaving for school. Although you can eat in some schools during your first period or homeroom, some staff members might not let you eat a quick granola bar or a handful of cereal in the classroom. If you leave late and you don’t have time to eat breakfast, when are you supposed to eat? Lunch isn’t for a few hours, and you need nutrients in order to focus.

Many kids resort to eating in the car on the way to school. Not only will this take at least one hand off of the wheel, but it can distract you from the other cars on the road. Try speaking to your administration at your school to make a rule that students can eat during the first period or homeroom, so they do not feel pressured to do multiple things at once while operating a vehicle. By speaking to your administration and teachers, they can help change the rules to make sure everyone is nourished and no one gets in trouble for taking precautions. 

Road Jams

Listen to a “Wake Up” or “Happy Hits” playlist on Spotify on the drive to school? That’s a great way to start your morning, but make sure you get your music cued up and ready to go before turning out of your driveway. Having a playlist or a queue of songs ready ensures that you will not need to be on your phone during the drive. Try to encourage your other friends to do the same by either recommending playlists, creating playlists for them to check out on their own, or using this safe driving practice while you are the passenger in a vehicle, showing your peers that you do not need to always be on your phone and figuring out the next song. Leave the DJ for the weekend house party. 

Right next to your Spotify app on the background of your iPhone, you can also install a new app – LifeSaver. This distracted driving app can block calls and texts while you are driving, and log the number of miles you safely drove. Try to promote this app within your school, on social media, and to your friends. By bringing awareness to the efficiency of apps like LifeSaver, you can make it commonplace for teens to have this installed on their phone. Turn it into a game – who can drive the most “safe miles” in one week?  

As a teenager, it can feel like everyone wants to be the same. You don’t want to stand out too much, you want to dress like your friends, and you want people to like you. Doing something new and different can be scary – but it can be very rewarding, for yourself, for your friends, and for your community. By promoting a safe driving organization, like StopWrex, you can get involved in your community, encourage your friends to do something new, gain some recognition from clubs or organizations, and earn some college credit or a topic for your college admission essay. Getting involved in something as ambitious as the StopWrex 3D program is not only character building, but it can help you influence other people’s lives and leave an impact on your school, your friends, and your community as a whole.