The StopWrex “Surviving Driving” Podcast!

Surviving Driving Podcast
Shocking Stories From the Road

Awareness saves lives. The more people know about the dangers of distracted driving, the more we can prevent it. If you’re a parent or teacher, you have the unique opportunity of educating your kids or students about the risks of being distracted behind the wheel! Make safety part of the culture at your household or school, and reinforce the fact that distracted driving is just as unacceptable as driving under the influence!

Ep 1: Jacy Good and Steve Johnson



Our first podcast episode will be with Jacy Good and Steve Johnson, Public Speakers and Advocates for Distraction-Free Roads, from Hang Up And Drive. In 2008 – on the day Jacy graduated college – her life was changed forever when a distracted driver, on his phone, ran a stop sign which killed both of her parents and left Jacy, near-death and partially paralyzed. A year later, Jacy petitioned her state of Pennsylvania to ban cellphones while driving, and Hang Up And Drive was born.