Just like the StopWrex Teen Program, there are numerous benefits to a driver’s education course that can help teens as passengers in the car, behind the wheel, and off the road. By providing incentives to engage in safe driving techniques and utilize positive driving habits, teen drivers will be more likely to adhere to a program.

Lower Insurance Premiums

First, some insurance companies will offer lower insurance premiums to those who have completed a driver’s education course. For some companies, this insurance discount can be as high as 25%, incentivizing teens and their parents to sign up for the educational course.

Rules of the Road

Secondly, every single person who has a driver’s license can get a refresher on the rules of the road. After you have been driving for some time, or if you are a new driver, you might need to brush up on road knowledge and safety rules so that you can stay sharp and focused. In a driver’s education course, people are exposed to this information for a longer period of time, tested on multiple aspects of driving and safety knowledge, and are required to put what they have learned into practice in front of qualified instructors. This can help people better remember the information, help teens gain the confidence they need to be successful on the road, and help influence other teens to join programs like StopWrex. 

Awareness of Cellphone Use, Drugs, and Alcohol

Thirdly, a driver’s education course or the StopWrex Teen Program can bring awareness to the risks of distracted driving – and how cell phone use, drugs, and alcohol can play a huge factor in the ability to safely get from point A to point B. It’s one thing to just tell your teen to not drink and drive or to have them sit through a lecture, but it’s another thing for them to really soak in the information. When teens are exposed to real-life stories, simulations of drunk driving crashes, teen stories of those who have been affected by distracted driving cell phone use, and parents’ testimonials of the dangers of distracted driving, they will be more likely to remember the message. 

Defensive Driving Techniques

Fourth, teens can learn how to use defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving is a concept that promotes safety, encourages teens to be aware of their surroundings, helps them read the moves of other drivers before dangerous instances occur, and shows them how to spot and avoid aggressive drivers on the road. The emphasis of safety at all times and not being aggressive in response to reckless drivers can help teenagers be aware of the various driving styles they will encounter and how to appropriately respond. 

Confident Driving

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, a casual, careless and uninformed driver is an unsafe driver. By making teenagers confident in their abilities, their decision-making, and their ability to handle friends and passengers by helping them make safe decisions, you can help keep the lives of everyone around you safe. When a teenager completes the StopWrex teen program, they can walk away feeling more confident about their abilities as a driver, their understanding of safety regulations, and their ability to respond appropriately in tough driving scenarios.