You can create a school or community challenge to help combat distracted driving. Your teacher may be encouraging you to participate, your friends could want you to get involved, or you may be a self-starter, launching this program on your own.

These are the steps you can take to build a successful program to save lives!

  1. Define your audience
    1. You can run a StopWrex “Don’t Drive Distracted” program with your school club, sports team, class (such as encouraging your math teacher to get your class involved, where the concept is “statistics behind distracted driving”) or even the entire school.
    2. Starting with a core group and then expanding is a better way to build success at any level. Remember, even if 20 of your peers commit to driving safe, you could literally be saving a life! This initial example will always have an impact on others who see their conscious acts of safe driving.
    3. You can always create an ultimate goal. For example, your plan may be to eventually involve the entire local community, even when you just start with members of the school orchestra.
  1. Recruit
    1. Keep your target audience in mind
    2. Recruit peers to support your StopWrex project.
    3. Have these peers agree to join in the launch and participate by taking action
  1. The Theme
    1. Here are some possible themes for you to deploy
      1. Don’t Drive Distracted Awareness Day
      2. 3D – Don’t Distracted Drive online dance party
      3. A skit for your school’s morning announcements and social media
      4. Creating a social media page just for your school’s Distracted Driving commitment and information
      5. Come up with a mascot who can interact with Wrex and talk about the importance of preventing distracted driving
      6. Interview people in your town (teachers, shop owners, coaches, parents, etc.) for personal advice and stories
      7. Create videos that can be displayed to the student body or to the entire community about distracted driving to get your audience to focus, be interested, and attentive to what you have to say.
      8. Hold a Zoom call with your class to discuss safe driving strategies and how they can be implemented around your school
      9. Have a day where you interact with another school nearby and discuss strategies, what is working and what is not, etc. 
      10. A video pledge contest with a hashtag specific to the school and campaign: #FairfaxDontDriveDistracted or #FairfaxArrivesAlive
    2. The Pre-Launch
    3. Build hype for your launch with your core group and enrolling support from your friends to create a launch team.
    4. For more details on building a pre-launch, check out this article here:
  1. The Launch
    1. Help stop distracted driving by encouraging your peers, colleagues, or loved ones to curb dangerous driving habits. The launch is what drives success home! 
    2. Let’s create a good launch plan here.
    3. Do research and let’s write up a good launch plan that you think will work for teens.
  2. StopWrex Support Materials
    1. StopWrex launch materials are coming soon!
    2. This includes videos, images, and memes for your messaging.
    3. Further, we will provide timelines to easily follow and roll-out your school or community plan.
    4. Last, we will support YOU by providing customized graphics