One way that students can encourage their peers to become more involved in preventing distracted driving is by using something all teens know very well – technology. Not only can students and kids in the community utilize social media to broadcast this message, they can also download apps on their own iPhones or Androids to be safer while driving to and from school. 

AT&T DriveMode 

This free app can prevent distractions from text messages and calls while driving. When enabled on your phone, alerts are silenced, sending texts is disabled, and incoming calls go directly to voicemail. The app turns itself on when you are driving faster than 15 mph and turns off when the speed drops below. 

If you are just starting out driving and have upgraded from your permit, parents might not be too keen on you driving to and from school by yourself. Problem solved – parents with young drivers can receive texts alerting them if the app is turned off. 


Designed for parents of teen drivers, Cellcontrol is a service that places a device under the dashboard and pairs with an app, blocking your teen from sending or receiving texts while driving. It also disables other features on your teen’s phone, like checking email or using the camera. Parents can get a text or email alert if Cellcontrol is deactivated or removed.

Instead of turning off communication possibilities altogether, reads text messages and emails out loud and sends an auto-response. This can prevent the driver from being distracted about what to respond to the sender, but can still receive any necessary information that can impact their plans or journey.

Drive Safe Mode

Created for parents of teen drivers, this app prevents texting and emailing while driving. It can alert a parent if the phone is in use or the driver disables the app while on the road. 


The free app is basically dormant – except when it wakes up to lock the phone when driving. This app can let a parent monitor the driver for distracted driving and reward the driver for safe driving, encouraging compliance, and safe driving practices. 


Live2Txt is an app that lets you block incoming texts and calls while driving. It silences any incoming notifications, texts, and calls. When you receive a message, the app sends a customized response telling the sender that the owner is unable to reply at the moment. This app can let the teen still answer their friends while not worrying about what to send back at the moment.


OneProtect provides more control for parents who have new teen drivers. Parents can turn the app on remotely, making it impossible for a teen to turn off the app without the parents’ knowledge. The app activates when the car drives faster than 15 mph and asks if the phone owner is a passenger or driver. For drivers, calling and texting is disabled, but the passenger can send and receive hands-free calls, texts, and emails. This can provide the teen some control whether they allow their friend or passenger to check notifications for them and respond accordingly. 


SafeCell can reduce distracted driving by blocking calls and auto-responding to texts with a message letting the caller/texter know that you’re driving and can’t be reached. 


TextNoMore is an anti-Text-While-Driving application that rewards cell phone owners with rewards for not Texting While Driving – providing incentives to teens that allow them to get discounts for local shops, coffee stores, movie tickets, etc., to encourage a higher level of compliance and reward them for safe driving characteristics. 

By downloading and using one or more of these apps as the driver, or as the parents, distracted driving can be reduced by taking away the one thing that teens love to use the most – their phone. Once teens get into the habit of not being able to use their phones for communication purposes while driving, they can become accustomed to this safer way of driving. This ensures their friends will have a higher recognition of preventing contacting them while they are in the car.

Along with the use of specific apps to encourage safety for both the driver and the passengers, social media can be utilized properly to broadcast the message of StopWrex and the benefits of preventing distracted driving, especially in teen drivers.