Distracted driving isn’t just an epidemic affecting teenagers. Drivers of any age can be negatively affected by this occurrence, claiming nearly 3,000 lives in just 2018 alone. Among those killed in these fatal crashes, the majority were drivers, while 605 were passengers, 400 being pedestrians, and 77 being cyclists. As you can see, people who are not even directly involved in the car crash can be severely affected or fatally killed, showing how distracted driving can impact everyone else around the road and the cars involved. 

80% of all car accidents are the result of a driver that is distracted in some way, whether that is by phone use, changing controls in the car, talking to passengers, or eating and drinking food. Since there are so many ways to become distracted while operating a vehicle, you can see the severity of the situation, and how it will take a complete driver-personality change to address this issue.