Peer-to-peer education and the Teen Program is a viable component to the overarching success of the teen traffic safety strategy. So, what are the key elements of the program? Here is a list of a few crucial characteristics that should be included:

  • Teen-led
  • Inclusive of everyone in the targeted demographic (high school age)
  • Sustainable via Advisor support and resources
  • Clearly defined and measurable objectives that can be achieved
  • Positive and uplifting despite talking about a serious topic
  • Incentives and recognition – throughout the program and afterward
  • Evaluation of the success and reach of the StopWrex program

To utilize StopWrex at your school, the Teen Program should focus on students being able to influence their peers with the information they are gathering from the resources we provide, instructors, online data, and other schools that have used the StopWrex campaign and benefited from the effectiveness.

By teenagers taking charge and leading this movement, other teens will be more likely to learn from their fellow students and friends, instead of just listening to courses speak AT them, not TO them. Listening and engaging with students their own age who they respect can help enhance the success of the StopWrex program and the potential for other students to get involved in the campaign.